image-title-here Yep, that’s me.

Decribing myself in few words?

Undergraduate computer scientist, passionate about science and nature. Loving Husband.

Vim user.

Who I Am.

I am Thomas, 22 years old. Married. Computer Scientist. Researcher. Software Developer. Open Source Advocate. Apple User. Linux User.

Where I Learn.

I am currently enrolled as 3rd year student of Informatics/Computer Science at Technical University of Munich (TUM). I am near finishing my Bachelor’s degree and am specialising strongly in the field of IT security.

Some relevant topics I have learnt lately:

  • Secure Mobile Systems (Grade: 1.0)
  • Common Security Flaws (Seminar) (Grade: 1.0)
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (Grade 1.0)
  • Selected Topics of IT Security
  • Network Security (Grade: 2.3)
  • Foundations of Databases (Grade: 1.0)
  • Foundations of Operating Systems and System Software (Grade 1.0)

Where I Work.

Fraunhofer Institute of Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC)

I am currently working at AISEC as a student researcher.

Technical University of Munich

I am also a teaching assistant at Technical University of Munich (TUM), currently for the lecture “Foundations of Operating Systems and System Software”.

What I Contribute To.

Docker Mailserver

My Toolchain.

Docker creation, deployment and management of services on servers and workstations
archlinux server operating system
macOS Sierra workstation operating system
Gitlab Community Edition Source Code Hosting
jetbrains logo Jetbrains Products integrated development environments
ios logo iOS 10 server operating system
Synology Products storage/networking solutions
Hetzner Online AG emission free server, networking, dns and domain robot provider
Yubico Products Secure Element, PIV, openPGP smartcard, OTP, U2F
rust logo Rust High Proficiency
c logo C High Proficiency
cpp logo C++ High Proficiency
Python High Proficiency
Jekyll This page.

… and so much more incredibly useful and wonderful open source software ♥.

Why am I doing this?

… for fun and profit of course ;)